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Marital Rights of Women in Islam

There are various opinions about Islamic Marriage Laws. However, the following facts remain about women and marriage in most of the Islamic world:

1. A man can have four wives
2 A man can divorce his wife in front of the judge without the woman's consent, even without her presence, but a woman cannot divorce a man without his consent.
3 According to some Islamic scholars, a temporary marriage, even for less than half an hour, is allowed.
4 According to some scholars, wife beating is allowed. Not all scholars agree, of course.
5 There is no joint property. Only man owns all property.
6 There is no specific minimum age for girls to marry today even 1400 years after Mohammad. In many Islamic countries, Muslims continue to marry underage girls, as young as 10.
7 Although Mohammad advised against it, he proclaimed that men were superior and in-charge ( just as Christianity and Judaism declared) and therefore many Muslims continue to mistreat women as personal property around the world. Christianity and Judaism have made some reforms but Islam lags behind in this.

" Women are not given the right to instigate divorce because they are prone to emotional and irrational decision making. A husband, however, can divorce his wife at any time he so wishes" Ayatollah Ali Moghtadai
( source: http://www.homa.org)
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